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Unrestricted Keelboat Start Carrickfergus Regatta 2012

Belfast Lough Yachting Conference (BLYC) is the association of all nine clubs in and around Belfast Lough that run Regattas and sailboat racing.  The prime function of the BLYC is to coordinate the efforts of these clubs with particular responsibility for co-ordinating the Regatta dates.  The Conference is also responsible for deciding what handicap systems will be used for Regattas.


BLYC meets towards the end of the calendar year to agree Regatta dates for the following year.


Regatta Dates have now been provisionally decided for 2015 and appear here.


Sailing Instructions for Regattas will be uploaded as they become available - they will be available on the Regatta SIs page.

Another Busy Season Ahead in 2015 . . . . . .

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2015 Highlights will include the visit of the Tall Ships in July

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